It is as if yoga, mime, butoh, acrobatics and contortion had all been ingeniously crammed into the meat grinder of physical theatre to create an original and exciting new art form...
— -Robert Lepage Bagabones
Jonathan Nosan is an unbelievably supple contortionist, flicking his legs over his head like a human scorpion in an act that feels more related to German expressionist cinema than Cirque Du Soleil.
— -London Evening Standard Limbo
Jonathan Nosan can bend it better than Beckham, tucking his legs over his head as if his spine was made of rubber and scuttling about like a human arachnid.
— -The Telegraph Limbo
A truly amazing contortion who provides the show with its single most disturbing image
— -The New York Times Twyla Tharp’s The Times They Are A-Changin’
Like any athlete, Nosan broadens what we think the human body is capable of, and shows us that it is possible to push beyond what we believe to be the physical limits of this world.
— Bagabones