CONTORTURE™ is a new method of conscious mobility helping industry professionals and fitness enthusiasts gain extreme flexibility. The contortion based workout – which has attracted a following of athletes, dancers, yogis and models – encourages a total body connection through stretching, strength training and inversions. CONTORTURE™ offers gym devotees a fun and challenging alternative to traditional workouts and an opportunity to master awe-inspiring acrobatics, strengthen their core and improve postural alignment.  The low-impact routine incorporates handstands, back bends and deep stretching, a perfect progression for those who are yawning in yoga and bored with Bikram .

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The five-video CONTORTURE™ series offers an intimate step-by-step program taking students from basics to pro with his method of extreme flexibility training.

By reformatting the body to create smartened muscles and a breath/movement connection, all students will learn how to “backbend from the front” and achieve their flexibility goals.


VIDEO 1: The Basics 

Your preparation begins with alignment, breath control/connection, counterbalance, ab-smartening, hanging backbends, waterfalls. 

VIDEO 2: The Inversions

Wrist warm-ups and strengthening along with headstand and handstand theory and drills create a solid foundation for CONTORTURE ™ 


The fun begins. Join a workshop from start to finish, feel your hips strengthening and a smarter core.

VIDEO 4: Weighted Stretching—

Take it to the next level with weighted plates, dumbbells, and body bars; learn how to be your own personal trainer and find just the right push from you for you.


Shot in a workshop setting with your "fellow students" asking the questions you might be wondering. Allow Jonathan to guide you in detail through moves from his renowned acts.